Demonstration & Trial Programs

For products and solutions that must sell themselves there is rarely any substitute for placing it directly in the hands of decision makers in a demonstration or trial. Doing so can also yield invaluable feedback driving further innovation as well as a deeper understanding of the end user and relevant market forces.

Whether for sales or R&D purposes achieving this can be extremely challenging and this is especially true when it comes to Defence and Government Agencies. These agencies, and their staff are often time poor and are forced to reject high volumes of unsolicited approaches. In some cases “red-tape” and established processes for dealing with approaches can severely complicate the pathway to a demonstration or trial making it cost and time prohibitive.

As a trusted facilitator and respected leaders of industry engagement Ironside is able to assist clients with navigating these complexities. We can arrange product and technology trials directly with end users and key senior decision makers across Defence, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Other Government Agencies.

In order for us to maintain this privileged position we take care to ensure that every product or idea placed for consideration will be of genuine relevance to the target organisation before proceeding. This careful screening process not only preserves our trusted status but it also ensures that our contacts can be confident in investing their valuable time.

Because we place our reputation on the line in this way our clients can also enjoy the confidence that comes with Ironside’s endorsement of their solution.


Engaging Ironside

We are always interested in considering innovations that could benefit Defence and other Government Agencies including already successful technologies from unrelated sectors seeking expansion into this market.

For a confidential discussion contact our Operations Manager Ben Durrant:


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